Web Design & Development

DESCRIPTION The stage has the duration of two/three weeks and examines in depth, theoretical and practical aspects of web designer.It is not only an introduction to the design, creation, and maintenance of web pages and websites. Participating to this internship in Rome will allow to acquire a professional approach to this world and improve web […]

Sport event management

DESCRIPTION The program aims to complete the student’s  education with a specialized course in sport event management.The course also addresses some of the more functional management issues that are vital to the successful implementation of sporting events on a more operational level. The aim of the award ist to allow students in any host country […]

Social Media for Entrepreneurs

DESCRIPTION ​The purpose of this training is to learn the social media marketing practices of SMEs. Social networks are profoundly transforming the way customers use the web and thus challenging SME business practices. Although the social media provide affordable channels for marketing and are thus appropriate tools for firms with limited resources, some SMEs and […]

Hospitality and Tourism Management​

DESCRIPTION What is a course in tourism and hospitality? This class equips you with the management, marketing and operational skills necessary to successfully fulfill a position within the travel or hospitality arenas.Being that both industries pull different aspects from several other fields, you will partake in an interdisciplinary course of study.This training presents the professional […]